If you’re not already working with a professional New Jersey property manager, you should be asking yourself why. We know a lot of landlords who self-manage quite effectively, but if you want to earn as much as possible on your rental property without sacrificing a lot of your own time, professional management might be better for you. Let’s talk about why.

Professional Management Saves Time

Everyone wishes they had more time in their day. Renting out a property requires that you’re available to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. If your property is flooding, you can’t tell the tenant you’ll be there the next day. 

You also have to spend time leasing, marketing, screening, collecting rent, enforcing the lease, conducting inspections – the list goes on. Professional management saves you time.

Professional Management Saves Money

landlordSelf-managers pay more for maintenance than professionals do. We can also save you from high vacancy and turnover costs. Mistakes are extremely expensive. If you say no to a tenant with a service animal because you have a no-pets policy, you could find yourself fined up to $10,000. A professional manager will protect you from common and costly errors.

If you’re experienced in leasing, managing, and maintaining properties, you should be fine managing your own. If you’re not, and you’re worried about the time it takes to be a good landlord and the money it costs to protect your property, professional management and the experience it brings might be better for you. Contact us at KeyVest and we’ll tell you more.