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KeyVest's niche is working with Real Estate Investors,
but we support our agents however they can earn a living

How KeyVest Helps Increase Your Income

KeyVest Prioritizes Agents

We are only as successful as our Agents

Agents are the backbone of our business.  This is why the Owners of KeyVest are committed to their agents and helping them succeed by building a community of support, collaboration, and team camaraderie.

We are dedicated to helping our agents earn enough and are continually adapting and improving the resources at their disposal to ensure they are effective and productive.

Increase + Diversify Your Income

Focusing on just real estate sales is risky, even though it is the big income earner. 

Diversify your income streams so you are never confronted with the fear of not being able to pay bills when your pipeline dries up.

80/20 Commission Split (Day One!) + NO FEES

80% commission starts day one on your procured leads, even if you are new and we are guiding you through the process.

We don’t take anything off the top.  We don’t have any fees.

KeyVest is investing in you.  We believe you deserve to keep keep more of what you earn.

Residual + Passive Income From Agent Overrides

When you refer other agents to join our team (whether they are already licensed or not), you earn a percentage of all their deals as long as you are an active agent.

This means you would be earning overrides on an agent you referred in year over year over year!

3 Agents   x   4 Deals Each


~ $3,000 additional income annually

Residual + Passive Income From Property Management Referrals

20 Doors


~ $3,000 additional income annually

Refer in property management and get paid without having to do any of the work.  

You will receive a percentage of the revenue KeyVest collects as long as you are an active agent – meaning you earn income from properties you refer in year over year over year.  We will also protect this lead, so when the owner is ready to sell, you get the listing.

KeyVest Agents exploit this opportunity to provide more value to their investor clients than competing agents and building their listing pipeline.

Invested in Your Success

Strategic Career & Business Coaching

Agents are invited to join a structured group meeting every week where we help you invent and develop your specific goals that are measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound.  Then we help you design a strategy and check your progress each week against a scorecard.

How KeyVest Agents Benefit

Utilizing the SMART Acronym when setting goals






Growth & Development Mentoring

property managers

Agents come to us with horror stories of mentors from previous brokerages who intentionally sabotage or even compete directly against the very agents they are meant to be helping.

At KeyVest, you will be assigned a Broker Manager who has been hired for the sole purpose of helping the agents develop and grow their real estate business.  Your manager will set up weekly meetings to help progress the different strategies designed to build your business and increase your income.

Provided Leads & Lead Generation Support

There are multiple ways KeyVest can help with agents with leads.

1 KeyVest has a network of investors that are looking for deals right now.  Agents will have access these investor’s criteria so they can go out and find investment opportunities to present.

2 KeyVest’s Head of Business Development comes across warm and cold leads and will pass these off to the agents.  Most of the time these leads are investors who are looking to buy.

3 Because KeyVest is also a property management company, we can provide leasing deals and renter leads.

Newer agents benefit from these leads the most because its a great way to gain experience and income right away.

4 KeyVest has developed lead generation tactics that work.  We coach our agents these tactics and how to give themselves a competitive advantage over competing agents.

Why Become an Investor's Agent?

Only at KeyVest will working with Investors maximize your income.

KeyVest offers opportunities for multiple streams of incomes throughout the lifecycle of working with an investor – from acquisition, leasing, management, to resale.

Investment Education

KeyVest was founded by a group of successful investors who have been involved in investing for more than 50 cumulative years.  They find fulfillment in helping educate anyone new to real estate investing.

At KeyVest we are able to educate our agents on…

Analyzing Deals

Budgeting Renovations

Calculating Cap Rates, Cash-on-Cash Returns, ROI, etc.

Raising Capital

Investment Strategies

Exit Strategies

… and more!

Other Benefits

Office Locations


604 Union Ave


117 E Broad St.


12 E Broad St.

Want to learn more about joining one of these offices?

KeyVest Core Values

The Philosophy We Live By

Positive and Proud: We operate from a place of optimism and positivity, rather than cynicism. We are proud of what we do and take care of customers and clients.

We value help and a great team: We will not succeed alone. We need to find, produce, and employ great help.

Respect: We organize our thoughts and actions to take care of ourselves, each other, and the business.

Own it: We accept responsibility and accountability for our commitments to produce the outcomes.

Unbound: We will not be limited in what we know now in the pursuit of our objectives.

Best idea wins: We aspire to an idea meritocracy, where great ideas trump organizational structure.

Don't Have Your License Yet?

Are you an investor or builder looking to amplify your real estate ventures?

We will cover your real estate license class fees. 

Hang your license with us and there is no obligation to do anything but your own deals – unless you want to earn more income by using your expertise and knowledge to help others.

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