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Become an Investor’s Agent

If you are looking for a traditional sales agency, this is the wrong place

how to earn over $100k

How KeyVest helps you succeed

Helping our Agents earn enough

Focusing on just real estate sales is risky, even though it is the big income earner. 

Diversify your income streams so you are never confronted with the fear of not being able to pay bills when your pipeline dries up.  We know it happens. 

At KeyVest, we don’t want any of our Agents in that spot.

Earn Residual Income on Property Management Referrals

Each year your Referred Client renews with KeyVest Property Management, you receive 10% of the revenue brought in by that client year after year.

Bringing in 20-30 doors per year can produce a nice cushion.

Earn Overrides from Agents You Recruit

Get paid 10% of revenue on all closed deals brought in by the agents you recruited.

Protecting YOUR List Leads

Leads that come in from your listings are YOURS and we help you protect them.

80/20 Commission Split

KeyVest offers an 80% commission on your procured deals starting day one, even on your first deals that require mentorship

Your Broker is there to help you through your first deals and won’t take any override fees or percentages off the top. 

We really are here to help you succeed!

No Hidden Fees

No Desk Fees

No Errors and Omission Insurance Fees

No Year End Penalties

No Training/Mentoring Fees

No Marketing Fees

Mentoring & Training

Any agency can mentor in traditional real estate sales,
not many can mentor in investment real estate sales

Between our broker mentors, we at KeyVest have over 50 years of SUCCESSFUL experience in real estate investing.

Whether you are new to being an agent, or just new to real estate investing, we are happy to help you progress your knowledge, experience, and career.

We will help educate and mentor you in the real estate investing market, whether it is regarding buy-and-hold strategies, flipping houses, budgeting rehabs, and more.  Most importantly, you will learn the criteria and standards to identify realistic investment opportunities for investors.

Today it is easier than ever for investors to find their own properties. They even know more about the numbers and investing than their actual agents.  Don’t let this be you!

We are here to help you grow, develop and ultimately succeed, so reach out to learn more or schedule an interview.

Are you considering getting a real estate license?

We will sponsor your licensing class fees!

Join one of our investor-focused real estate licensing classes.

We can help you start building your real estate investing career right away.

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