How to Get Your Home Ready for the Real Estate Market in New Jersey

Preparing your New Jersey home for the real estate market requires attention to detail and an eye for strategic marketing. Whether you’re advertising your home for rent or for sale, the people who want to come and see it will be looking for very similar things. They want a safe, well-maintained home in a good neighborhood.

We have some tips on how to get your home ready while maximizing what you earn on it.

Create a Fantastic First Impression

Most people are looking for their next home online, and that means you’re going to have two opportunities to create a first impression. Initially, they’ll be looking at your marketing photos, so make sure they’re great. The second opportunity for a first impression will be when they’re actually at the property.

The property’s exterior will offer a strong impression to your prospects. Make sure the lawn looks good and is cut. The bushes and trees should all be trimmed and there shouldn’t be any weeds or debris caught in the flower beds. Lay down some fresh mulch and trim the edges of walkways. Pressure-wash the driveway and the house if it looks aged or dirty. Remove any trash or empty flower pots. Make sure the front door is clear of cobwebs and that the paint is fresh. There shouldn’t be any torn screens or broken blinds visible from outside the home.

Clean and Inspect the Property

Inside the property, everything must be perfectly clean. Hire professional cleaners who will go through the home and make it shine. You want the appliances to be scrubbed out and the ceiling fans to be dusted. Sinks and faucets should sparkle and the baseboards should be wiped down. You want your home to smell good, too.

Check all the outlets and the light bulbs. Replace the air filter. Then, inspect the entire home for anything that is in need of repairs or replacements. You want to be sure every appliance works, and you want to check under every sink for leaks. Flush the toilets and check the lights. Assess the floors and walls in case you need new flooring or paint.

The property needs to be safe and habitable before you put it on the market. Make sure the smoke detectors are working, test the window and door locks, and install enough exterior lighting to make your tenants feel comfortable.

Consider Minor Upgrades for Your New Jersey Property

When you have a well-maintained home in a good neighborhood, you rarely have to renovate it. However, when you’re preparing to put it on the market, it doesn’t hurt to make a few minor upgrades. Simple things like a fresh coat of paint or updated lighting can make a big difference. Even new hardware on the kitchen cabinets and drawers can make your property look modern and pretty. Consider making these small changes to attract prospective renters or buyers.

Price the Home Competitively

Price the Home CompetitivelyPricing is an important part of the process. You need to make sure you’re not over-pricing it, otherwise it will sit vacant on the market for longer than you’d like. Check out where other properties are priced, especially those in the same neighborhood that are similar to your home. Don’t undersell it, but don’t make the price so outrageous that people refuse to consider it. Talk to a New Jersey property management company; we always have reliable data and resourceful pricing tools.

We’d be happy to help you get your New Jersey property ready for the market. Contact us at KeyVest, LLC, and we’ll help you earn more on your home.

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